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Church Planting

23/2/2020 Lui Ponifasio   


22/12/2019 Jim Stowers   

15/12/2019 Hamish Macdonald   

A Bold Christian Faith

1/12/2019 Jared Hattingh   

The LGBTQ+ Revolution - What does the Bible Says?

24/11/2019 Ian Lowe   

A Culture of Suicide & Euthanasia

17/11/2019 Lloyd Vivian   

The Gift of Life

10/11/2019 Daniel Mackereth   

Faith in Action

20/10/2019 Russell Thorpe   

6/10/2019 Ron Jamieson  Mark 5v21-43 

Fathers Day

1/9/2019 Tom McIvor   

An Encounter with Christ

2/6/2019 Dean Vivian  Mark 6v45-52 

Mothers Day

12/5/2019 Max Vivian   

The Armour of God

24/2/2019 Lloyd Vivian  Ephesians 6v16-18 

Fitting the Armour

17/2/2019 Daniel Mackereth  Ephesians 6V14-15 

Spiritual Warfare

3/2/2019 David Frost  Ephesians 6 

Why God?

20/1/2019 Jim Stower   

Finding the Perfect Gift

23/12/2018 Len Savill   

His Promise of Salvation

16/12/2018 Vinay Nannepaga   

God's Word Transcends

23/9/2018 Graham Ashby   

The Horizon of Hope

16/9/2018 Graham Ashby   

Father's Day

2/9/2018 David Goold   

Steve's Story

26/8/2018 Steve Henzig   

Gender Ideology

17/6/2018 Bob McCoskrie   

Sexual Purity

10/6/2018 Tom McIvor   


3/6/2018 Lew Meyer   

Living what we say we believe

27/5/2018 Lloyd Vivian   

Mother's Day

13/5/2018 Lawrence Narayan   

Easter Message

1/4/2018 Lloyd Vivian   

God the Giver & Sustainer of Life

25/3/2018 David Frost   

Christmas Message

24/12/2017 Michael Cornwell   

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