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Mothers Day

12/5/2019 Max Vivian   

5/5/2019 Scott Doddrell  John 20v24-31 

28/4/2019 Garth Hattingh  John 20v11-23 

21/4/2019 Lester Vivian  John 20v1-10 

14/4/2019 Steve Bain  John 19v31-42 

7/4/2019 Lawrence Narayan  John 19v7-30 

23/3/2019 Ron Jamieson   John 19v1-16 

The Trial of Jesus Christ

17/3/2019 Vinay Nannepaga  John 18v28-24 

The Rock Reneges

10/3/2019 Dean Vivian  John 18v12-28 

Glory, Guilt in the Garden & Grace

3/3/2019 David Frost  John 18v1-11 

The Armour of God

24/2/2019 Lloyd Vivian  Ephesians 6v16-18 

Fitting the Armour

17/2/2019 Daniel Mackereth  Ephesians 6V14-15 

Know your Enemy

9/2/2019 David Frost  Ephesians 

Spiritual Warfare

3/2/2019 David Frost  Ephesians 6 

Why God?

20/1/2019 Jim Stower   

Finding the Perfect Gift

23/12/2018 Len Savill   

His Promise of Salvation

16/12/2018 Vinay Nannepaga   

Jesus Prays for all Believers

2/12/2018 Victor Barnes  John 17v20-26 

Jesus Prays for all His Disciples

25/11/2018 Lloyd Vivian  John 17v6-19 

"Before we go, I want to pray"

18/11/2018 David Frost  John 17v1-5 

Overcoming Spiritual Failures

11/11/2018 Lawrence Narayan  John 16v25-33 

Disciples Grief Turns to Joy

4/11/2018 Lester Vivian  John 16v16-24 

The Work of the Holy Spirit

28/10/2018 Daniel Mackereth  John 16v1-15 

The World Hates the Disciples

21/10/2018 Garth Hattingh  John 15v18-27 

Abiding in His love

14/10/2018 Jared Hattingh  John 15v9-17 

The Vine & the Branches

7/10/2018 Dean Vivian  John 15v1-8 

30/9/2018 Scott Doddrell  John 14v25-31 

God's Word Transcends

23/9/2018 Graham Ashby   

The Horizon of Hope

16/9/2018 Graham Ashby   

8/9/2018 Daniel Ashford  John 15v15-24 

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Showing records 31 through 60.

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