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The Choice - Jesus or Barabbas

26/2/2012 Ron Jamieson  Luke 23v13-25 

The Way of the Master - Sacrifice

19/2/2012 Jack Boyens  Luke23v7-12 

The Way of the Master - Sacrifice

12/2/2012 Jack Boyens  Luke 23V1-6 

Gospel Outreach

5/2/2012 Len Savil   

I Did it Whose Way

29/1/2012 Jim Stowers  Various Scriptures 


22/1/2012 Albert Fairweather  Various Scriptures 

Christmas Message

18/12/2011 Lester Vivian   

Imitating Christ's Humility

11/12/2011 Daniel Mackereth  Philippians 2v1-10 

Death - The Last Thing We Talk About

27/11/2011 Jeff Miller   

Count It All Joy?

20/11/2011 Jeff Miller   

The Suffering Church

13/11/2011 Jeff Miller   

Christ The Lamb

6/11/2011 Dean Vivian  Various Scriptures 

Christ in Isaiah

30/10/2011 Ron Jamieson  Isaiah 

Christ in Genesis

16/10/2011 Dean Vivian  Genesis 

Christ in Psalms

2/10/2011 David Frost  Various Psalms 

Christ in Jonah

25/9/2011 Max Vivian  Jonah 

Christ in the Tabernacle

18/9/2011 Max Vivian  Various Scriptures 

Christ in the Feasts

11/9/2011 Jeff Miller  Various Scriptures 

Introduction to Old Testament Series

4/9/2011 Dean Vivian  Various Scriptures 

Jesus’ Jewish Trial

28/8/2011 Jack Boyens  Luke 22:54 & 63-71 

Persistent Prayer

19/6/2011 Andrew Simpson  Luke 18:1-8 

Jesus Laments for Jerusalem

16/3/2011 Andrew Simpson  Luke 19:41-44 

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Showing records 361 through 382.

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