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Christmas Message

24/12/2017 Michael Cornwell   

17/12/2017 Lloyd Vivian  John 9v1-41 

John 8v48-59

3/12/2017 Dean Vivian   John 8v48-59 

John 8v31-47

26/11/2017 Garth Hattingh  John 8v31-47 

The Persecuted Church

19/11/2017 Jeff Miller   

Outreach Service

12/11/2017 Stephen Flett   

John 8v12-30

5/11/2017 Scott Doddrell  John 8v12-30 

John 8v1-11

29/10/2017 Lawrence Narayan  John 8v1-11 

Rivers of Living Water

22/10/2017 Richard Yarrell  John 7v37-53 

John 7v25-36

14/10/2017 Ian Lowe  John 7v25-36 

Why Listen to Preaching

8/10/2017 Dean Vivian   

John 7v1-24

1/10/2017 Daniel Mackereth  John 7v1-24 

John 6v60-71

24/9/2017 Lloyd Vivian   John 6v60-71 

John 6v41-59

17/9/2017 Ian Lowe  John 6v41-59 

Fathers Day

3/9/2017 David Frost   

John 6v22-40

27/8/2017 Jim Stowers  John 6v22-40 

John 6v1-21

20/8/2017 Victor Barnes  John 6v1-21 

John 5v30-47

13/8/2017 Joel Nguyen  John 5v30-47 

John 5v16-29

6/8/2017 Ron Jamieson  John 5v16-29 

John 5v1-16

30/7/2017 Jared Hattingh  John 5v1-16 

Why Go to Church?

23/7/2017 Dean Vivian   

John 4v43-54

16/7/2017 Michael Cornwell  John 4v43-54 

John 4v27-42

9/7/2017 Lew Meyer  John 4v27-42 

John 4v1-26

2/7/2017 Geoff Smith  John 4v1-26 

John 3v22-36

25/6/2017 Ron Jamieson  John 3v22-36 

John 3v16-21

18/6/2017 David Frost  John 3v16-21 

John 3v1-15

11/6/2017 Len Savill   John 3v1-15 

John 2v12-25

4/6/2017 Max Vivian  John 2v12-25 

John 2v1-11

28/5/2017 Dean Vivian  John 2v1-11 

John 1v35-51

21/5/2017 Daniel Ashford  John 1v35-51 

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Showing records 91 through 120.

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