Overview of Ministries

Overview of Ministries
    Church Services & Focus
    As its name suggests, the first hour of our Sunday services has a big emphasis on how the Bible’s truth affects us as individuals and as members of His family. Bible teaching is given at appropriate levels to all ages from small children to adults. Consistent, consecutive Biblical teaching is important to us as we encourage, teach and challenge the church, and as we seek to share the truth with those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
    As well as our biblical teaching programme, the Family Bible Hour includes a mix of traditional and contemporary music as we praise God for who He is, what He has done for us and His direction in our lives. Bring the whole family to be encouraged and inspired in a family friendly environment each Sunday at 9:55 a.m.

    “As often as you eat this bread and drink this cup you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes” (1 Corinthians 11:26). The Lord Himself said, “Do this in remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19).
    Our Lord Jesus commanded that we remember Him in this way, and because the early Church met together on the first day of the week (Sunday) to break bread together (Acts 20:7), we also celebrate this remembrance feast each Lord’s day. It is a time for remembrance, thanksgiving, praise, and for worship. This is our opportunity to give something back to the One who gave all for us.

    Prayer is an integral part of the life of the fellowship. Indeed, Scripture commands us to pray (Col.4:2). To this end, church members are constantly encouraged to pray, both privately as individuals and corporately at any one of the many opportunities that exist whereby church members can gather and pray (i.e. Life Groups, Bible studies, men’s groups, women’s groups, Sunday morning prayer, etc.). In addition to this, a special Prayer Meeting is held once a month on a Sunday evening - usually the third or forth Sunday in each month. 

    Apart from our main time of fellowship centred on the Lord’s Supper many other opportunities exist for Christians to fellowship together in both formal and informal settings.

    Giving is a Scriptural principle that is not only integral to the life and work of the church but that all believers are exhorted to incorporate into their personal lives. To this end, the opportunity exists each Sunday whereby church members are able to give to the Lord, freely, as God has blessed and as each individual has decided in his/her heart to give. All giving at MBC is undertaken on a freewill basis. 
    Church-wide Ministries
    Life Groups are a vital part of our wider church fellowship. In a Church the size of MBC, it would be easy to be ‘lost in the crowd’. Life Groups exist to overcome this. Smaller groups of members meet during the week for Prayer, Fellowship, Bible Study and Encouragement.

    The purpose of Life Groups is to build a personal, caring environment in which we can:
    • Encourage, build up and strengthen one another in the Christian life.
    • Share one another’s joys and sorrows. 
    • Pray for one another & others in the wider church family.
    • Study God’s Word together.

    We would encourage every assembly member to be part of a Life Group even if they are only able to attend irregularly. There are several Life Groups functioning at various times and places during the week.

    The Erin Park Singing group, meet together at the Erin Park Village & Rest Home, on Russell Road, to minister to the residents through music, song and fellowship. A Bible Reading is often given during the time spent there. This ministry is held on the second Wednesday of the month.

    We believe the Lord’s final command, "Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptising them... teaching them" (Matthew 28:19), should be taken seriously. We believe we should support by prayer, giving financially, and caring in other ways, those who have gone as missionaries/mission partners to other countries, as well as those working in NZ in various forms of evangelism and Bible teaching. We believe prayer is vital, essential and commanded!
    Missions Meeting
    These are held once a month on Sunday evenings, dependent on when missionaires or church workers are available to speak - usually the second or third Sunday of the month. 

    Missions Information
    Is published weekly in MBC newsletter for interest and prayer. A folder with all missionary letters/emails received, is available to read (kept in the foyer). Nexus Magazine, full of challenging missions stories, is given to each family. You are welcome to receive information direct through emails/letters from missionaries (ask Missions Secretary). Horizons is a peridic magazine containing correspondence and information from and about our commended missionaries and activities within the assembly.
    Missionary Prayer
    We pray for our missionaries/mission partners in detail as an Assembly on the1st Sunday morning of each month. A Missionary Prayer Handbook is available to each family for use in regular daily prayer.
    Missionary Giving
    As an Assembly (a local church), we are strongly committed to supporting the work of missionaries, especially those we have commended to go from MBC. To missionaries sent by other Assemblies, we give as much as we are able. Gifts earmarked in the offering for our missionaries are subsidised dollar for dollar up to $25.
    Helping Others
    From time to time, as special needs arise, we arrange for special funds to help others. e.g. Disaster Relief Funds, etc.
    Children’s Ministries
    Kidslife caters for children aged 4 - 12 years and runs during the Family Bible Hour.
    Kidslife term dates are the same as school terms. The objective of Kidslife is to give biblical teaching at various levels, in order to provide children with foundational Christian principles and knowledge of God and His love for them.
    Girls’ Rally is a programme provided for girls aged 7-14 years and is held fortnightly. A typical night at rally involves singing, games, hobbies, crafts, badge work, devotions and supper.
    There are also outings, camps, sports days and a church parade every year. The girls have teams which compete for points each week and ultimately a team shield and individual prizes at the end of each year.
    Boys’ Rally is a programme for boys aged 7-14 years and is held fortnightly. Rally nights usually involve some singing and games with hobbies and crafts also from time to time. This is followed by a devotion and short supper. There are opportunities throughout the year for outings, camps, sports days, Bible competitions and quizzes, and a church parade every year.
    Youth Ministries
    Our youth are constantly facing ever-growing pressures on their beliefs, behaviour & morals. The teenage years are a crucial time when young people are developing their world view, and making decisions about their future. At MBC we have a passion & desire to teach biblical truth to the youth, particularly about God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to help them understand their need of a Saviour, and to make right choices based on a personal relationship with Christ.
    Youthlife is a ministry that provides a fun & non-pressured atmosphere whereby High School aged youth (year 9 to year 13) can gather on a weekly basis. A typical programme includes: group activities, prizes, Bible study, small group time, & games. We also have two or three other strictly social nights during the term (usually on Saturday night). We also run an annual Youthlife camp, which is always very popular.

    The Group is a ministry aimed at approximately 16-20 year olds who meet for weekly Bible Studies, and every four weeks for a social night. Its purpose is to provide the link between young people who are too old for Youthlife and too young for the church Life Groups. Our desire is that all those who attend would be fully involved in a Life Group when they leave The Group. Every fourth night is a social night.

    • Teach the Word of God at a level that is understandable and challenging with application for today’s youth.
    • Develop ‘mentor’ type relationships that encourage spiritual growth.
    • Provide role models in a relaxed environment.
    Women’s Ministries
    Women gathering to study the Bible using studies from CWCI (Christian Women Communicating International), Emmaus Correspondence School etc. These groups meet weekly or fortnightly to fellowship, study and pray together, encouraging one another toward living lives that honour God.
    Luke 10:38-42
    M&Ms is designed to promote the spiritual growth of women in the church with a view to reaching out to other women who do not know the Lord. Regular functions are organised, usually monthly. These functions vary from purely social (e.g. walks), to social/devotional (e.g. coffee mornings & prayer meetings), to deeper spiritual growth e.g. seminars, conferences, and outreache opportunities. The ministry also provides practical services within the church (e.g. meal rosters for the needy in the church).

    MBC is the host of BSF’s South Auckland Womens’ Class.  BSF aims to:
    • Bring individuals into a personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through personally meeting Him by reading His revelation of Himself in the Bible
    • Encourage individuals to establish a habit of daily Bible study
    • Help them to know Jesus Christ in all His fullness
    • Relate Bible study to daily life so that through the power of the Holy Spirit God's promises are made effective in personal experience
    • Equip and motivate individuals to contribute more effectively to the life and work of their churches, supporting them faithfully in prayer, stewardship and service
    • Help individuals communicate to others around them what they have received, so they may make a greater impact for Christ in their communities and may be alive to opportunities to affect them for good
    • Train Christian leadership
    • Support the churches in the community
    • Give children a love for the Bible to help them begin to know the love of God
    • Aid and encourage families in the Christian training of their children
    Men’s Ministries
    This is an opportunity for all the men in our assembly to come together to tackle the issues of what it means to be a man for God.  It is for men of all ages, who want to explore what it means to be “A Man after God’s own heart.” The group meets monthly.
    Men and God encourage all men who have a heart to seek God’s desire for their lives, to be Godly men and to leave a Godly legacy for their families, to come and be part of this fellowship.
    Other Ministries
    A Book and DVD Library operates during the morning tea break on Sunday mornings and is available to members of the church family at MBC.

    The extensive range of books includes fiction and non-fiction for adults, youth and children. Non fiction books cover topics such as apologetics, mission, men and women, singles, marriage, parenting, autobiography, biography, and other general topics.

    DVDs are available for both adults and children. These include dramas, documentaries and series from conferences.
    Besides opportunities for service in the above activities, there are opportunities to serve in the following ministries: Church Welcoming, Music Team, Preparation and dispensing of the emblems at the Lord’s Table, Morning Tea, Church Cleaning, Missions Committee and the Church Camp Committee.
    Church Facilities
    All enquiries regarding the use of the building by church organisations or members of MBC, (i.e. bookings, conditions of use and available dates) should be made in the first instance to Daniel Mackereth. Alternatively, please use the Contact Request Form to submit your details, purpose, date, time, etc.
    A “Quiet Room” (including cots, changing tables and nursing couch) with one way privacy glass and audio facilities is located off the front foyer and is available to mothers with nursing/sleeping babies for use at any time.
    A “Tiny Tots” playroom for children up to age 2 ½ is located off the front foyer.