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Why Listen to Preaching

8/10/2017 Dean Vivian   

Christmas Message

24/12/2017 Michael Cornwell   

Living what we say we believe

27/5/2018 Lloyd Vivian   

This one thing I do

11/1/2015 David Grindlay   

Living the Gospel in a Godless World

28/9/2014 Felix Muchimba   

Easter Message

16/4/2017 Aaron Hills   


1/6/2014 David Frost   

Christmas Message

21/12/2014 Len Savill   

A Culture of Suicide & Euthanasia

17/11/2019 Lloyd Vivian   

Fathers Day

1/9/2019 Tom McIvor   

The Disciple - James

23/9/2012 Len Savill   

The Disciple - John

30/9/2012 Lester Vivian   

The Disciple - Judas

7/10/2012 Dean Vivian   

12/1/2014 Max Vivian   

Christmas Message

18/12/2011 Lester Vivian   

Why Fellowship with the Church?

8/4/2018 Dean Vivian   

The Persecuted Church

19/11/2017 Jeff Miller   

Faith in Action

20/10/2019 Russell Thorpe   

Christmas Message

20/12/2015 Garth Hattingh   

Death - The Last Thing We Talk About

27/11/2011 Jeff Miller   

Walking in the Light

19/10/2014 Jared Hattingh   

Christ Coming

12/4/2015 Phil Gasston   

Contradictions in Prophecy

28/12/2014 Ron Jamieson   

20/1/2013 Richard Yarrall   

16/12/2012 Neville Stevenson   

Mothers Day

14/5/2017 Lloyd Vivian   

A Bold Christian Faith

1/12/2019 Jared Hattingh   

Fathers Day

1/9/2013 Robbie Fleming   

Gender Ideology

17/6/2018 Bob McCoskrie   


3/6/2018 Lew Meyer   

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Showing records 1 through 30.

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