Vision & Function

Vision & Function

Church Vision

Our vision at Manurewa Bible Church is...

“To nurture an ever growing family into fully active and mature followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God.”

To bring this about, we work together as a family to provide:

A fellowship where Christians are encouraged and built up in their spiritual life and walk with the Lord:
Because the Lord Jesus commands us to love one another, we want to make sure people know they are practically cared for, encouraged and kept accountable as they journey through life.

Teaching to nurture all age groups:
Because what we believe and understand dictates who we are and how we live, we major on teaching God’s truth to all age groups in the Church. This includes our Sunday services, as well as small groups and youth ministries that meet each week.

Discipleship towards the Christ-like maturity of our  members:
The Lord set a great example of mentoring and shaping the lives of His disciples during His time on earth. In a similar way, we want to encourage personal discipleship, to help build individual members to maturity in Christ.

Evangelistic outreach into our community:
Our passion is to reach the people around us with the good news, that anyone can have peace with God by His grace, if they repent and entrust their lives to Jesus Christ. This involves passing on this message in our various ministries and equipping our members to lead others step by step towards their own faith in Jesus Christ.

Opportunities for worshipping together as a group of people who love God:
Because God deserves our praise, we recognise this every time we meet, with times of praise and worship for who He is and what He has done.

How MBC Functions

Manurewa Bible Church operates as an autonomous local church, associated with those commonly known as Christian or ‘Open’ Brethren Assemblies, where each and every believer is equal in standing before God. We recognise all believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who regularly meet with us as members of the fellowship.

Following the New Testament pattern, we operate under the leadership of a plurality of elders. These men are shepherds of the flock who in turn are under the authority and headship of the Chief Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. As such, they are appointed to nurture, protect and lead with special responsibility towards teaching and evangelism and always with a corresponding practical example.

Elders are assisted in this by Deacons who care for the many practical needs and pastoral concerns within the fellowship. In addition, many facets of church group leadership are undertaken by other members of the congregation. A feature of our gathering is the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper, as we remember the Lord’s death until He comes in the manner instituted by Him on the night in which He was betrayed. An integral part of this service is a time of open worship during which the men lead the congregation in corporate worship and praise.